Folding Fitness TREADMILL (powerful 2.25 HP motor)



    Product Description: 

    Stop looking for the perfect equipment aiming to get you into shape, we have exactly what you need with a minimum of effort and a maximum of convenience!

    We introduce you to our revolutionary Folding Fitness Treadmill, one of the most powerful, yet silent and efficient machines of its kind on the market. Are you wondering what your most effective home workout would look like if you bought this treadmill? Let us depict it for you in 6 simple steps.

    1. You unfold the treadmill.

    2. You place your phone in the integrated phone holder and you choose your favourite music, motivational podcasts or a film that you enjoy.

    3. You turn on the treadmill and select the desired intensity and speed (from 1 to 12 KM/H), according to your endurance and fitness level;

    4. You closely monitor in real-time your progress in terms of speed, time, calories, distance and number of steps. BONUS: you can connect the treadmill to your phone via bluetooth so that you can save your progress and compare it to future workouts, so that you will be able to always challenge yourself, achieving your fitness goals in no time!

    5. ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT. This is probably the most important part, both for you and for us. This is why we have considered not only your confort, but also your safety in designing this product. The non-slip 16.5'' widened running belt allows you to run freely, while protecting your joints, as its 5 shock-absorbing layers reduce impact as you run. Also, the integrated safety key will ensure that there are no accidents.

    6. Once you finished your workout, you fold the treadmill and smoothly move it (as the rubber foot pads reduce impact with the floor) to the storing area, either it be under the bed, leaning against a bookshelf or anywhere else at your convinience.
    YES, it’s that easy to have an efficient workout in the confort of your livingroom, at the office on your lunch break or anywhere else that you’d prefer. The cool thing is that you don’t have to bother with unaesthetic massive equipment! This ergonomic foldable treadmill will help you save space while losing weight! Start today! You are just one decision away from your dream body and the best version of yourself!


    Bring convenience to home and develop good running habits 

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    Product parameters:

    • Powerful 2.25 HP quiet motor significantly enhance sports effect
    • Connect the treadmill to your phone through Bluetooth to enjoy music
    • Fast set the speed to 5 KM/H or 8 KM/H
    • 5-layer shock-absorbing running belt reduces impact during sports
    • Built-in 4 flexible transport wheels make it easy to move and store
    • Safety key is used for emergency braking and can avoid safety accidents
    • Phone holder help you to enjoy movies while running
    • Integrated installation-free design makes it easy to use
    • 16.5'' widened running belt allows you to run freely
    • Rubber foot pads greatly reduce impact
    • LED display screen helps to monitor speed distance time step and calories in real-time



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