Winter Motocycle Facemask fot Helmet




    Protect your face from the cold on a motorcycle 

    On a motorcycle, we instinctively protect the body, the hands, the feet, but ... And the head ? Lark ! Most of the body heat escapes through the head and neck. The cold snap comes along too, which can cause the cold that drags on, the nose that stings or worse. So think about going out covered! Chest, mask, balaclava, everything is good to isolate the head. It remains to choose a helmet covering the chin well and offering very good ventilation of the screen. Helmets "half jet", "Jet" or "Cross" are difficult to wear in winter ... The integral remains the best solution to ride warm. But not all of them are equal when it comes to the cold, some brands do better than others, because of the endowment of their helmet or the available options, but also because of their shape, ventilation system or any simply the use of some foams and inner coatings hotter than others.


    • Winter Face Mask

    • Windproof Neck Warmer

    • Motocycle Facemask Helmet 


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