Bow Gym Resistance

    Resistance bands workout


    Portable Bow Home Gym Resistance Bands and Bar System

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    Benefits :

    • SAFE : No spotter needed
    • NO CHEATING : Resistance bands prevent you from using momentum to complete a rep
    • ALL FITNESS LEVELS : Adjustable levels allow anyone to use
    • AFFORDABLE : Less than a dumbbell set or gym membership
    • POTABLE : Packs away easily

    Characteristics : 

    • The Gorilla Bow is a portable home gym that can be used in your house or on the go - office, hotel room, park, almost anywhere. It’s a great replacement or supplement to a gym membership.

    • Tone Your Body - The Gorilla Bow combines a weightlifting bar and resistance bands to work every major muscle group without the weight and bulk of traditional home gym systems.

    • Adjustable Resistance - Select up to 2 bands at a time and combine resistance to get the best weight for every exercise. The Gorilla Bow Lite can handle 120 lbs of resistance.

    • The First of its Kind - The Gorilla Bow changed the game for weightlifting equipment, allowing it to be lightweight and portable. Beware of knockoff products that have come out since and are using low-end materials. We have seen copycat bows sold on Amazon that are snapping and bending. Please be safe when choosing your fitness equipment and buy from reputable brands.

    • Product Details - Includes 1 aircraft aluminum “Lite Gorilla Bow” (47" x 7.5" x 1"), Lite Band Kit - 3 resistance cables totaling 60 lbs of resistance (10, 20, & 30 lb bands), band wrap, and a band carry bag. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. Patent Pending.

    What's included :

    ● Original Gorilla Bow
    ● (11) Double-Wall Gorilla Bands ((2) Short Gorilla Band / 90 lb., (1) 80 lb., (2) 60 lb., (3) 50 lb., (1) 30 lb., (1) 20 lb., (1) 10 lb.)
    ● Gorilla Bow Accessory Case with Drawstring and Spring-Clasp Cord Lock Closure
    ● Gorilla Bow Band Wrap
    ● Gorilla Bow Case

    How to train with a bow resistant  Band ? 

    biceps workout without equipment at home
    Legs workout at home :
    Working chest with bow resistance bands :


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