Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

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    Rowing Machine characteristics :

    • Great exercise equipment for your home or private gym
    • Get a full body workout exercise different parts of your body with one tool
    • Up to 110 lbs double adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance create a versatile home rowing workout
    • LCD monitor tracks your count per min time count calories distance and scan
    • Constructed with sturdy steel for solid performance and durability
    • The PU soft rowing seat on rollers effortlessly glides across the slide rail and supports you for longer rides
    • Large pivoting pedals with velcro adjustable straps fit most foot sizes and make your feet remain in place
    • Conveniently store and take up less space when not in use
    • With a non-slip rowing handle for better grip
    • Supports up to 110 lbs