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Jan 06 , 2020

Prepare your backpack: list of essential things

With the help of our Mountain Guides partners, we offer you our list of essential materiels to take with you:


For a day hike, we recommend that you have a small volume backpack (up to 20L) to stay light. However if you must carry the belongings of your teammates or children, a bag of 20 to 40L may can be more suitable.


Hiker list of equipement

  • Clothes adapted to the weather which can vary quickly: a fleece, a waterproof windbreaker, and possibly a spare t-shirt.
  • A good solid and comfortable shoes special for hiking (Discover our Women and Men Hiking shoes)
  • A cap, hat or headband
  • A pair of gloves if you are walking at altitude or in cold weather
  • Sunglasses suitable for the mountains: 100% anti-UV lenses and category 3 or 4
  • Sunscreen
  • possibly mosquito repellent if you approach wetlands (marshes, lakes, rivers ...)
  • A pair of sticks if you use them
  • And a packet of tissues, or a small roll of toilet paper, can still come in handy


  • Water (1 to 2 L / person depending on the season)
  • A picnic and / or a few cereal or dried fruit bars for your breaks or push-ups
  • And possibly soap without water


  • An IGN map of the place
  • A compass and an altimeter


  • A charged mobile phone and useful emergency numbers (in the mountains, dial 911 if necessary)
  • A first aid kit (dressing, disinfectant spray, compresses, aspirin ...)
  • A torch or headlamp
  • A knife
  • Survival blanket
  • A whistle

And finally to store all this equipment you need a large special round backpack like this one offered by colinas Store:

hiking backpack,


This list of "basics" is of course to be adapted according to the degree of comfort you are looking for. It is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to supplement it with other elements to make the most of your day: camera, MP3, card games, guide on plants and animals ...


Have a good hike !

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