Legal requirement to wear a helmet usa

Jan 26 , 2020

Motorcycle helmets Law in US


The purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the head of the driver or passenger by absorbing the impact with the ground or natural obstacles in the event of a fall, but also to protect from abrasion caused by sliding on the road.

The motorcycle helmet also has a function of protecting the eyes against wind, insects, or even a function of pure comfort by including an air conditioning or heating device and speakers to listen to music or a traveling companion, phone, etc ...

Legal requirement to wear a helmet in US

Motorcycle helmet laws can be pretty confusing for some people and could cost you an expensive ticket if you don't follow them. Because they change from state to state, it can be hard to keep track of what's legal and what's not.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in US

Helmet laws fall into four general categories: required for everyone, required for everyone under 21, required for everyone under 18, and not required at all. Many states have their own special stipulations for passengers, engines under 50cc, or the amount of health insurance a rider must carry to go without a helmet. Here's a listing of who has to wear a helmet, in alphabetical order by state.

Motorcycle helmet laws by state

  • Alabama: Everyone
  • Alaska: Under 18
  • Arizona: Under 18
  • Arkansas: Under 21
  • California: Everyone
  • Colorado: Under 18 (riders and passengers)
  • Connecticut: Under 21
  • Delaware: Under 19
  • Florida: Under 21
  • Georgia: Everyone
  • Hawaii: Under 18
  • Idaho: Under 18
  • Illinois: No helmet law
  • Indiana: Under 18
  • Iowa: No helmet law
  • Kansas: Under 18
  • Kentucky: Under 21
  • Louisiana: Everyone
  • Maine: Under 18
  • Maryland: Everyone
  • Massachusetts: Everyone
  • Michigan: Under 21
  • Minnesota: Under 18
  • Mississippi: Everyone
  • Missouri: Everyone
  • Montana: Under 18
  • Nebraska: Everyone
  • Nevada: Everyone
  • New Hampshire: No helmet law
  • New Jersey: Everyone
  • New Mexico: Under 18
  • New York: Everyone
  • North Carolina: Everyone
  • North Dakota: Under 18
  • Ohio: Under 18
  • Oklahoma: Under 18
  • Oregon: Everyone
  • Pennsylvania: Under 21
  • Rhode Island: Under 21
  • South Carolina: Under 21
  • South Dakota: Under 18
  • Tennessee: Everyone
  • Texas: Under 21
  • Utah: Under 21
  • Vermont: Everyone
  • Virginia: Everyone
  • Washington, D.C.: Everyone
  • Washington (state): Everyone
  • West Virginia: Everyone
  • Wisconsin: Under 18
  • Wyoming: Under 18

Federal Regulations

The federal government requires that all helmets meet the safety specifications set out by the Department of Transportation's Federal Motorcycle Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

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